Letter to Mr Walter Million, Bromley Council
Letter to Mr Geoffrey Springer, London & Regional Properties

Letter to Mr Walter Million, Bromley Council

Mr Walter Million
Borough Secretary
London Borough of Bromley

19 January 2001


BY FAX 020 8290 0608

Dear Mr. Million

We have been led to believe that there is an imminent intention to fell the trees on the Crystal Palace site, along the Parade and behind the bus terminus.

You will recall our previous correspondence in this matter, in which you gave me an undertaking that felling would not occur except as part of construction works themselves. I have a legitimate expectation that you will observe that undertaking. Mr. Springer of L&RP made it clear in Court on 27th November 2000 that construction is not expected to commence until October 2001. Therefore, any felling now would be premature and in breach of your undertaking to me.

Furthermore, felling would be a precipitate measure given that the European Commission has intervened in this matter, and the U.K. Government's reply to the Commission is pending. I do not forget the proceedings brought against you by Miss Barker, which I understand have still not been concluded. It would be not only disrespectful to the UK Government, the English Courts, and the European Commission but, we believe, perverse to proceed with felling when there is still so much uncertainty regarding the legality of the planning permission.

I am therefore requesting:

  1. Your clarification whether there is a plan to fell the trees on the development site;
  2. Your recommitment to the undertaking that there will be no felling unless and until L&RP are on site proceeding with the construction works proper.

Without such clarification and undertaking, all our rights are reserved.

I have in mind other sites where development has aborted at an early stage. If that were to happen here it would leave the site denuded and ecologically damaged, depleting its landscape value from near and far vantage points, for no good purpose. A basic application of the precautionary principle would suggest that as a planning authority and park owner, you should be setting your face against such a manoeuvre.

I would welcome your reply by return of fax, given the urgency of this matter.

Yours sincerely


Philip Kolvin
Chairman, Crystal Palace Campaign

Letter to Mr Geoffrey Springer, London & Regional Properties

Mr Geoffrey Springer
London & Regional Properties Ltd
40 New Bond Street
London W1Y 9HB

FAX 0202 7499 9922

19 January 2001


Dear Mr Springer,



I called your office today but since I was told that you would not be back until next week, I am taking the liberty of faxing you the attached copy of our letter to Mr Walter Million, Bromley Borough Secretary.

It is self explanatory, but we would be most grateful if you would confirm to us that any plans for the mass felling of trees at the top site be abandoned. After all, the outstanding legal issues before the courts and the European Commission remain to be resolved.

Yours sincerely,


Fred Emery
Crystal Palace Campaign

Letter to Mr Walter Million, Bromley Council
Letter to Mr Geoffrey Springer, London & Regional Properties

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