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Mr Walter Million
Borough Secretary
Civic Centre

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25 January 2001



Dear Mr Million,

Crystal Palace Trees


Thank you for your letter of 22 January. Whilst I am grateful for your confirmation that the contents of your letter of 14 October 1998 hold good, there is still room for some unfortunate ambiguity, which I need to clear up:

  1. Mr Springer, a director of London & Regional Properties Limited, stated under oath at Bromley Magistrates Court on 27 November 2000, that the development is not due to commence until October 2001. It is not clear from your letter whether you would seek to argue that felling the trees is itself implementation of the permission. We believe that it is not implementation, whether within the letter or the spirit of your undertaking. Assuming that Mr Springer's evidence was true, it follows that no felling will take place before October 2001, consistent with your undertaking. Please would you confirm by return that your interpretation accords with ours?
  2. Your 1998 letter says that there is no risk to the trees on the site from the Council. Our current understanding is that contractors to the developers or their agents do have plans to undertake felling &endash; hence my request for clarification as to whether there is a plan to fell the trees. Whilst the Council may pose no risk to the trees, I am sure that you would know if there are others who do.

You will appreciate that we have no wish to resolve this litigiously, and therefore we seek greater comfort than we have from you currently. Therefore, once again, your response to these points by return would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely



Philip Kolvin
Chairman, Crystal Palace Campaign


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