Crystal Palace Campaign


Mr Geoffrey Springer
London & Regional Properties Ltd
40 New Bond Street
London W1Y 9HB


January 26 2001


Dear Mr Springer,


I am surprised that we have not received a response to the letter we faxed to you on Friday, 19 January. Perhaps you have been away longer than your office anticipated.

We have received a reply from Mr Million, Bromley Borough Secretary, which we are enclosing together with his letter of 14 October 1998 to which reference is made, and in which an undertaking is made that tree felling will not take place until development starts. Since you stated, under oath, at Bromley Magistrates Court on 27 November 2000 that development is not due to commence until October 2001, we would ask for your confirmation that it is not the intention of London & Regional Properties Ltd, their contractors, agents or any other person to fell or disturb the trees on or around the Crystal Palace development site prior to that time.

We would ask for your undertaking by return and unless this is received promptly we will otherwise reserve all our rights.

Yours sincerely,



Fred Emery
Crystal Palace Campaign





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