In the matter of an Application for Judicial Review

The Queen -v-

London Borough of Bromley (1)
London & Regional Properties (2)

Ex Parte Diane Barker


2 February, 2001

An application was made today by the solicitor for the applicant. Mr Justice Grigson heard the application. As a result of the application IT IS ORDERED by Mr Justice Grigson that:

  1. The Respondents London Borough of Bromley and/or London and Regional Properties Limited (whether by themselves their servants contractors or agents) must not commence or carry on works to fell damage or otherwise interfere with any trees situated on the site of the former Crystal Palace London SE19 (a site in respect of which outline planning permission was granted on 26.3.98 and reserved matters approved on 6.5.99 for the development of leisure and recreational facilities, car park deck and associated ramps and surface car parking) or any other trees which would not otherwise be felled but for the implementation of the said permission.
  2. The matter to be heard in the Court of Appeal on Monday 5th February not before 2pm or as the Court of Appeal may order. The Court of Appeal to consider whether the Applicant should offer an undertaking in damages. The Applicant's solicitor to serve on the Respondents by fax or other wise by 9.30 am on Monday 5th February a copy of his letter to the Court of Appeal dated 28th February (which was mislaid) and a copy of his letter to the duty judge.
  3. The costs of this application are reserved.
[Approved and granted by Mr Justice Grigson
by telephone on 2nd February 2001 at 9.50pm]
To: London Borough of Bromley, Borough Secretary's Office, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley (attention Ms B Cook) - 1st Respondent


And to: London and Regional Properties Ltd c/o solicitors Lawrence Graham, 190 Strand, London WC2R 1JN (Attention Trevor Blaney) - 2nd Respondent


Applicant's solicitor: Richard Buxton, 40 Clarendon Street, Cambridge CB1 1JX

Tel: (01223) 328933; fax. (01223) 301308

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