29 November 1999

What Bromley Wants

Why we object

What we would tolerate

The Campaign has stated that it would tolerate low-key, environmentally sustainable development, provided that it meets three objectives:

  1. It must respect the history of the site. This was the site of a national treasure, the Crystal Palace. It is not a proper site for an overwhelming multiplex development with such a universally hated design.
  2. It must respect its parkland location. This building is at the head of the most important park in south east London and will destroy the peace and tranquility of the park
  3. It must respect the residential environs of the site. The site is surrounded by residential areas. Local residents have a right to expect that their park will remain, essentially, a park and not a repository for a major, night-time commercial leisure concern, attracting thousands of cars and visitors through our quiet streets 365 days a year. The residents also have a right to be heard.

The mediation process

The Campaign, working with community groups, is taking the following steps to ensure the fullest possible community consultation prior to, during and after the mediation process:

The mediation will be conducted through the Centre for Dispute Resolution, the pre-eminent mediating body in the U.K.

The mediation will take place between the developer, London and Regional Properties, and representatives of the Campaign. The latter have been selected not for the volume of their voice but their professional experience in negotiating in hostile, litigious, situations.

After the first rounds of mediation and through the process described above, we hope to have arrived at a provisional solution to be placed before the community through further, extensive, consultation, by newsletters, public meetings and, if possible, public exhibitions.

There are three possible outcomes

  1. the community may accept the solution. In that case, the Campaign, in its present form, will cease.
  2. the community may accept the solution subject to caveats. In that case, the mediation will resume in order to iron out the caveats.
  3. the community may reject the solution outright. In that case, the Campaign will go on.

The Future

We want to establish a stakeholders forum, to ensure full community participation in the future of our beloved park on a properly co-operative basis, involving all five boroughs.

This is new territory for the Campaign. If you believe we could improve on this process, please let us know and we will consider your concerns. We know that we can't please everyone all of the time, but we shall do our best!

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