The Conflict

London & Regional Properties and the London Borough of Bromley have adopted an aggressive stance towards the local community. We have sought consultation repeatedly, but have been rebuffed.

In September 1999 London & Regional Properties offered a mediation with the local community to start without commitment to particular uses or design, and with a blank sheet of paper.

See "L&R 'blank sheet of paper' letter".

Subsequently, however, London & Regional Properties have failed to enter discussions with the community.

In May 2000, the Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell MP, together with 32 community leaders, wrote to London & Regional Properties pressing them to explain their stance. But London & Regional Properties have declined to explain themselves to the community, and so the forum has been aborted.

The situation is therefore one of conflict. The community did not invite the conflict. But it has delayed the scheme by 4 years, and has the financial and human resources, the articulacy, wherewithal and dedication to pursue the conflict indefinitely.

Our objective is to save our Park.

We will not rest until it is free of danger.

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