Planning and transportation

Any proposals to widen or intensify the use of the site, or to improve access arrangements, will be opposed by local people.

Any future applications are likely to come within the purview of the Mayor. Mr. Livingstone is profoundly opposed to this scheme. We will ask the Mayor to direct refusal of such applications.

See "I'll block multiplex, says Ken"

If, however, applications are granted, we will consider the use of legal challenges to such consents.

The development is heavily dependent on a one-way traffic scheme for Norwood to facilitate flows of traffic towards the building. The traffic scheme is dependent on the approval of the mayor. His rejection of the scheme would make the development unworkable.

The London Borough of Bromley and London & Regional properties have never challenged our assessment that the proposed car park is totally insufficient to serve a 4,800 seat cinema, health club, bowling alley, further leisure unit/s and 14 food and drink outlets. We shall resist any overflow car parking in the park or surrounding residential areas.

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