Principal objections to multiplex cinema development


Crystal Palace Park is a Grade II* listed historic park, with 200 acres of Metropolitan Open Land set in a conservation area. The top-site is a tree-lined ridge of strategic landscape importance to London, set at the highest point in South London. The site is surrounded by residential suburbs.

The proposal is for a building twice the size of a football stadium, with rooftop car parking for 950 cars accessed by vehicle ramps leading to a new highway infrastructure within the Park.

The objections to this are:

  1. It will destroy the peaceful atmosphere of this Park - for all ages of users.
  2. The commercialism of the site is out of keeping with the historic nature of the Park.
  3. It involves the loss of 12 acres of Metropolitan Open Land, which South East London can ill afford.
  4. It will cause the loss of 200 trees.
  5. It will replace the London wide views of a tree-lined ridge with views of a sky-line car park.
  6. It will bring substantial traffic into the Park itself.
  7. It will increase traffic in an already congested neighbourhood, which has no strategic roads and is a frequent traffic black spot.
  8. It will create night time noise and disorder.
  9. It will increase the pollution in the surrounding area.
  10. It will harm local trade.
  11. It will overwhelm the adjoining village of Norwood by virtue of its size and concentration of uses.
  12. The design of the building itself is widely disliked.

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