Legal actions


Various groups and individuals within the community have challenged this scheme through legal proceedings. Attempts are continuing, and further challenges may be expected.

The legal actions so far have been:

  1. A judicial review brought by the Crystal Palace Campaign of the outline planning permission. This reached the House of Lords.
  2. A judicial review brought by a local resident with the assistance of legal aid against detailed planning permission. This reached the Court of Appeal.
  3. Complaint to the European Commission with a view to infringement proceedings in the European Court of Justice (see page 6).
  4. Objection by Crystal Palace Campaign to licensing applications (see page 7).
  5. Complaint by members of the community to the European Parliament.
  6. Defence by members of Crystal Palace Campaign to eviction proceedings.
  7. Defence by eco-warriors of eviction proceedings (see "A whiff of the secret state in a suburb"; see "Stand-off at Crystal Palace")


Such is the community's determination, that it is restricted only by the extent of its own ingenuity.


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