(A.2) London Marathon
18th April 1999 - Sunday

Caroline Blake (number 28,234) who is a member of the "Dulwich Park Runners", will be running to raise awareness of the Plight of our Park. The run starts at 9:30 a.m. from Greenwich Park and, I hear, that her estimated running time is 4-4.5 hours. Sponsorship forms and splendid tee-shirts are available from Phoenix Shoes, Westow Hill and the Marathon Hotline 0181- 653 4000. Sponsor £ per mile or £ for the whole event - any amount you fancy.. the largest so far is £20 for the event but most are less than that... OR... e-mail your pledge via our return e-mail page leaving contact information and I will collect after the event. GOOD LUCK CAROLINE!
CONGRATULATIONS to Caroline Blake, No. 28234, finished the London marathon today (Sunday, 18th April) in 4 hours 42 minutes. Well done and thanks to all her sponsors - a tidy sum (still counting) for the campaign.

[Footnote: Caroline ran another "marathon +" during the 24 hour relay run around the Park - see Running]

Marathon: a plain in Greece on the east coast of Attica, 40km (25m) NE of Athens where in 490 BC the Greeks defeated the Persian invaders in one of the decisive battles of the world. The news of the victory was conveyed to Athens by a runner, sometimes called Pheidippides, who fell dead as he entered the city. His performance is commemorated by a Marathon Race of c. 42km (26m 384 yds.) first included in the Olympic Games at Athens in 1896.(When I researched this I had forgotten that the runner met a sticky end! I have no doubt Caroline will fare better.)

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