Crystal Palace
Norwood Heights

A Pictorial Record

The White Swan, cabmen's kiosk, Crystal Palace Parade.

This Prospect is what is left of the splended approach to the Palace gates which were along the right side of Crystal Palace Parade stretching into the distance. Buses still park where they can be seen in the centre of the picture. The trees, centre-right have now been felled to make way for a new bus parking/turn-around area currently under construction.

The "White Swan", minus its top floor, was a casualty of wartime bombs. The pub is the second on this site - the original was a coaching inn with large tea-gardens before the Palace was erected here. Earlier still there was a smithy on the site.

Lawrence's Vegatable Market, 2 Hollybush Terrace, Westow Street.

The Lawrence family have had fruit and vegetable shops in the area since 1951 when they came from "over the water". Alfred Lawrence started business in Westow hill - three generations of the family have traded in the Triangle.

Randles Jewellers can be seen just behind the lorry.

Both shops in view are still trading.

The two images shown are glimpses of the beautiful set of drawings in the book depicting the Triangle and its surrounds - including some history, recollections, poems and people.

"Crystal Palace - Norwood Heights, A Pictorial Record"
Audrey Hammond & Brian Dann
Published by the Crystal Palace Triangle Community Association, Second Edition 1989

Copies of the book can be obtained from local shops or from the CPTCA at 14 Glyn Close, Grange Hill, South Norwood, London SE25 6DT

HISTORY: (a few snippets)


Battersea, and, with it, Penge granted to the Abbot of Westminster by William the Conqueror.


The Doomsday Book refers to: 'That part of the Great North Wood within the parish of Croindene, and a peculiar to Cantebury, given for the Archbishop's pleasure, for his hunting, for fuel amd pannage (pasturage) for 200 swine.'


Henry I had a hunting lodge on the site of 'Kingswood House'.


Opening of Upper Norwood Junior Library and Reading Room by the author A, E, W, Mason, Destruction of the Crystal palace by fire. Trolleybuses replace the trams on February 9th.


Great Electrical Exhibition held at Crystal Palace. Electric lighting installed in the Royal Crystal Palace Hotel which stood At the corner of Church Road and Annerley Hill, having facades on both streets. The 'Railway Bell', Cownpore Street, rebuilt.


The Triangle declared as a Conservation Area by Croydon. Facade of old Sorting Office replaced by 'Fun Junction' (happily a dim memory).... First edition of Crystal Palace/Norwood Heights sold out!

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