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Architecture of instruction and delight
Living South
Crystal Palace - Norwood Heights
The Great Exhibition of 1851
Football at the Palace
Crystal Palace Views
Crystal Palace Foundation News
The Phoenix Suburb
Gideon Mantell - the dinosaur man

Architecture of Instruction and Delight; a socio-historical analysis of world exhibitions as a didactic phenomenon (1798-1851-1970); Design by Piet Gerards, English, 848 pp, 170x240mm,  paperback, ISBN 90 6450 383 4 010-publishers, Rotterdam (2001).

Written by Pieter van Wesemael.

Architecture of Instruction and Delight is the outcome of a postgraduate research project at Delft University of Technology performed by the author. It deals with the genesis and development of the nineteenth and twentieth century World Exhibition as a didactic phenomenon. Architecture - and later urbanism - played a key instrumental role in it. Van Wesemael interprets the World Exhibition primarily as an integrated didactic ideological strategy, popularly conveyed by a mixture of media such as exhibitions, competitions, ceremonies and lectures. A brief introductory genealogy of the concept of national industrial exhibitions, precursors of the current World Exhibition, is followed by five chapters in which the didactics of five discernible periods is analysed using noteworthy examples: 'The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations' of 1851 in London, the 'Exposition Universelle' of 1867 in Paris, the 'Exposition Universelle et Internationale' of 1900 also in Paris, the 'World's Fair' of 1939 in New York and the 'Expo' of 1970 in Osaka. The book makes abundant use of historical sources.

(Euros: ¤39-50)

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Living South

Launched in 1992, Living South is distributed free to 55,000 selected households and businesses in Anerley, Brixton, Brockley, Camberwell, Crystal Palace, Dulwich (east, west and Village), Forest Hill, Herne Hill, Kennington, New Cross, Norwood, Peckham, Penge, Sydenham and Tulse Hill.

Editor : Shannon Munro Denny

e.g. May 2002, Issue 103 has articles on Local news: including "Paddick in Brixton", "developments in Crystal Palace", "plans for Forest Hill"; Profile, play review "Vincent in Brixton"; jazz, arts, events; features: Brockwell Park; shopping in Herne Hill.

Lower Ground, 189 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11 5TB
Tel. Editorial: 020 - 7792 2626
Tel. Sales: 020 - 7792 0022
Facsimile: 020 - 7223 0033

Published by Archant Life Ltd.

Crystal Palace - Norwood Heights
Audrey Hammond & Briam Dann
Pub. Crystal Palace Triangle Association

Fabulous drawings, history of the Traingle area, recollections, poems and people.

The Great Exhibition of 1851: A Nation on Display"
Jeffrey Auerbach
Yale University Press, 23 Pond St., London NW3 2PN Tel: 0171 - 431 4422
Publication: Autumn 1999 256x192mm expected price £25-00.

"Enhanced by dozens of illustrations, this wide-ranging account of the Great Exhibition reveals for the first time how the extraordinary occasion was conceived and planned, why it was such an unexpected success, what it actually meant to the millions of Britons who visited it, and what it came to mean in later generations."

Football at the Palace

"To the Palace for the Cup"


"An affectionate history of football at the Crystal palace from 1861...."

by Ian Bevan, Stuart Hibberd and Michael Gilbert (1999)

More information from the new REPLAY publishing website, click on the football.

Something to pass the time - Where was the first FA cup held and when was it first played at Crystal Palace? (answers below)

Replay Publishing Limited now has a website up and running. This can be found at www.replaypublishing.co.uk or click on the footbal.

"As some of you will know, we have produced the definitive publication on the history of football at the Crystal Palace. We also take commissions for works on sports history, local history especially if this relates to the Crystal Palace area." - note from Ian Bevan, co-author of "To the Palace for the Cup".


Contact Replay Publishing at: info@replaypublishing.co.uk.

"A community newspaper written by and for local people."

" - the magazine that allows you to have your say. CPV needs you to get involved. You can: write articles or sub-edit contributions; contribute artwork/cartoons/graphics; research or gather articles; produce it, (DTP, typing, layout and printing); do photography; sell advertising; help distribute.
Editorial meetings take place on Tuesdays at 2pm and 6:30 pm. Call beforehand for confirmation.

Published by foundation for Human Development - contact 'phone: 0181 - 670 7332 or fax.:0181 - 670 7335

This paper has been a friend to the CPC - do support it. It has news and views, lists of shops in the triangle (on a handy map), reports on the South London Theatre - and much else besides..... amongst other places, it can be found in the CP Museum.

Available free from numerous shops and meeting places or direct to your door for a small fee from PO Box 11591, London SE26 6WB. Many interesting and informative articles, advertisements, things to do etc. etc....

Published by the Crystal Palace Foundation - address c/o the Museum (see Links Places). Deals with matters (mainly historical) related to the Crystal Palace. Also news and views; events - talks on Palace, tours around the grounds - related web sites etc.

The Phoenix Suburb - by Alan R Warwick - A South London Social History; The Blue Boar Press, first published 1972.

"The old Crystal Palace shone like a star and died on its own pyre, but its ghost still haunts the empty heights of Norwood.
...All the world knows where the Crystal Palace was.
...It was the early home of balooning aeronaughts...
...the Norwood district, which was clearly defined in the reign of William the Conqueror."

Chapter Nine - Two Notable Women (a short extract)

The Book - a must for anyone interested in local history and life itself.

Gideon Mantell was the man that brought you Iguanadons and was a scientific rival of Owen. The board of directors of the Crystal Palace Company approached him in the Summer of 1852 to oversee the dinosaur park at Sydenham. Unfortunately he died in November of that year, and is in fact buried in Sydenham. You can find an interesting account of his life in the 'Dinosaur Hunters' by Deborah Cadbury - 4th Estate.

The West Sussex Geological Society (WSGS) has just published 'Gideon Mantell - Momento Mori' by Anthony Brook. 30 pages A4, price £3.50 each.

Call WSGS Chairman Ken Steel 01903 209140 for more information.

Ed: Thanks to Alastair Cameron for the information. (17/11/02)


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