(A.7) Crystal Palace Views: Confusion and misinformation! (6 Jan 2000)

The Crystal Palace Views (December 1999/January 2000), in its Local Politics section, published an article entitled "Crystal Palace Campaign carries on its fight" by Simona Boi.

We certainly do but.... unfortunately the article is inaccurate, confusing and doesn't correctly represent the views of the Campaign. It mixes up supposed Campaign information with information supplied by "Sue, one of the representative (sic) of the Crystal Palace Protest" - an organisation which has nothing to do with the Crystal Palace Campaign and "Sue" certainly does not speak for the Crystal Palace Campaign.

There are many inaccuracies in the article which will be addressed in due course (newsletters and on this web-site) - but I will, for example, pick two: "What Crystal Palace Campaign wants is to rebuild the Crystal Palace in a smaller form set back from the Parade....."; "The campaigners suggest an underground car park..." - both are completely untrue. The Campaign is totally opposed to major commercial development of the top site (which is what the "smaller" Crystal Palace is). The principals with which we approach any Park changes are set out in "What the Campaign's about...". See also Core Principles. Further, we have never espoused any particular scheme for the top site or any other location within the Park. What we have done is fought resolutely for almost three years, with the help and backing of thousands of local people, against the destruction of our Park and the associated chaos which will follow large scale development - and we will continue to do so!

To be fair, the Crystal Palace Views has been very sympathetic to our cause in the past - now they have regrettably reported a completely distorted view of matters. We hope they put the record straight in the next edition.

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