(R.15) Letter from Ian Livingstone MD of L & R - 10th February 2000

L & R


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10 February 2000

P Kolvin Esq.,
Crystal Palace Campaign,
13 Winterbrook Road,
SE24 9HZ


Dear Mr Kolvin,

Crystal Palace

I refer to your letters of 11th January and 24th January 2000 and mine of 14th January,

You need to be clear about the difference between the Stakeholders Forum and your mooted "mediation" process.

The "mediation process" to which you refer was to have been quite separate from the Stakeholders Forum and, as I stated in my letter of 16th December 1999, the parties terms of reference and timing of such a process has never been established.

To repeat my letter of 16th December 1999, I have serious doubts whether a mediation can sensibly resolve any difficulties between the Company and the Campaign, let alone provide the freedom from subsequent legal challenges that we had hoped for. This is a view reinforced by your website dated 29th November 1999. We are uncertain as to what, if any, mandate you have to agree anything, and, as is clear from the mere fact of Ms Barker's Judicial Review, no agreement that you do subscribe to is sufficient to prevent some other party bringing proceedings.

The Stakeholders Forum will shortly be constituted in accordance with and pursuant to the outline planning permission granted by Bromley Borough Council. The Company is fully committed to the Stakeholders Forum, as it is to the development at Crystal Palace.

Consequently, public consultation and involvement will be through the vehicle of the Stakeholders Forum as envisaged by the planning permission.

Yours sincerely,

(signed M Lee ...?.. )

pp Ian Livingstone
Managing Director

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