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Mr. Ian Livingstone
London and Regional Properties Limited
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London W1

24th February 2000

Dear Mr. Livingstone,

Crystal Palace

Thank you for your letter.

I need to correct one matter. The mediation process which you are now abandoning was not mooted by me, but by you in your letter of 25th September 1999 when you wrote that the time had come for a meaningful mediation between the parties concerned, and asked me and Roger Salmon to meet with you to discuss terms of reference. We met and agreed on a mediation through CEDR, and also agreed that I should communicate this agreement to the community groups. I am sorry that you have done nothing to progress the mediation. This brings your overall delay in progressing the stakeholders forum to 10 months, since you committed yourself publicly to this process.

Nevertheless, I am very pleased that you state that you remain fully committed to a stakeholders forum. I agree that it should contain the widest possible community representation and involvement. I await your proposals as to how this may be ensured, for consideration by the Campaign and other community groups and representatives. At the same time, you will no doubt wish to make proposals as to the chairmanship of the forum so that we can work together to get matters under way at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, while you wish to change the procedural mechanism for the forum, I am assuming that you intend its scope and content to remain as promised in your letter of 25th September 1999, namely, that it should proceed from a blank sheet of paper, include all issues pertaining to the provision of leisure in the park, and start without commitment to particular uses or design. I should be most grateful for confirmation that you intend to keep this promise.

Yours sincerely,




This was in reply to the letter from Ian Livingstone of 10th February 2000 (R.15)

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