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The Crystal Palace Foundation
The Crystal Palace Community Association (CPCA)
The Norwood Society
Places for People
Spitalfields Market Under Threat (SMUT - campaign)
The Sydenham Society
Tewkesbury Battlefield Society
Urban Parks Forum

The Crystal Palace Foundation

is a registered charity no. 285563
It is internationally respected as a leading authority on the Crystal Palace and is a major fund raiser for the
Crystal Palace Museum.

Foundation Officers and Trustees for the year March 2000-March 2001

Chairman: Melvyn Harrison
Vice Chairman: Michael Gilbert
Secretary: David Britton
Assistant Secretary: Trevor Enefer
Treasurer: David Pritchard
Trustees: Suzanne Elkin, John Greatrex, Audrey Hammond,
Roy Hathaway, Ken Lewington, Karen Moran, John Payne,
Chris Preston, Peter Stanley

All trustees can be contacted via CP Museum.

The Crystal Palace Community Association

THE Crystal Palace Community Association (CPCA), formerly known as the Crystal Palace Triangle Community Association (CPTCA) was formed in 1970 to support and protect the Crystal Palace area and its Park. The CPCA scrutinises planning applications, challenging them where appropriate and tries to ensure that attractive frontages and shop-fronts are retained with new ones designed in accordance with guidance issued by each local authority. It liaises with local authorities, amenity groups and voluntary organisations, residents, businesses and others in support of its objectives, for those who live, work, shop or socialise in and around the Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood neighbourhood. It also holds social functions and events. The CPCA operates through a committee with local councillors present at most of its monthly meetings.


Audrey Hammond


John Payne


Suzanne Elkin


Ramesh Morjaria

Membership Secretary

Martin France


Sandra Gunn

Contact Details:

Address: 10 Jasper Road, London SE19 1SJ
Telephone/Fax: 020 8670 4395
Email: cpca@onetel.net.uk

updated: 1 March 2003

The Norwood Society

Conservation - Heritage - Transport - Planning

The Heritage Society for Norwood: Simply be described as the local history society (founded in 1961) who hold walking tours in the area and arrange talks and meetings on related historical topics. They publish The Norwood Review four times a year - it is posted free to members and contains articles about the history of the area, poetry, announcements of events (some of which may appear in the Events list on this website from time to time), advertisements, letters and much more...

"Over the years the Society has used its influence to seek and support the creation of Conservation Areas in Norwood. For example, in Upper and South Norwood, which are part of Croydon, Conservation Areas have been established in Harold Road, Church Road and into Beulah Hill, also the important Upper Norwood Triangle area. More recently a conservation area has been established covering South Norwood High Street and into South Norwood Hill.

These conservation areas give additional protection, over and above normal planning provisions, to the established character of houses, shopping centres, buildings and localities. A North Croydon Conservation Area Advisory Panel set up by Croydon Council considers all applications for planning permission in conservation areas and offers comments and advice before decisions are reached. The Society plays an active part in its proceedings and the Panel's advice is treated as a major contribution to maintaining Upper and South Norwood's character and its buildings.

The Society keeps a close eye on planning applications made to Lambeth and Bromley relating to properties in West and Upper Norwood. The big issues, like the future of the Crystal Palace Park Site, always attract attention and there is a constant stream of applications for small scale development, such as changes to shop fronts, new windows and extensions to houses which can, if not handled sensitively, imperceptibly change our part of London for the worse. Many of the Society's representations are upheld. We welcome the views of members of the public, particularly on developments that affect them directly such as changes in the use of neighbouring properties.

We are in touch with London Travel Watch, formerly London Transport User Committee and the Norwood Rail User's group, which champion the passenger by bus, rail and underground; as well as other organisations concerned with transport, Local Authorities and Voluntary organisations. The Society gives its views on such issues as the current state of rail services and transport developments in the Crystal Palace Triangle."

FULL DETAILS see the website: http://www.norwoodsociety.co.uk/


Registered with the Civic Trust

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The Sydenham Society

The Sydenham Society was founded in November 1972.

The objectives of the society are:

  1. To stimulate public interest and to promote civic pride in our area.
  2. To promote a high standards of planning, architecture and services.
  3. To ensure the conservation and enhancement of amenities and features of public interest.

They have just started their own web site:


Try it for more information on their events, newsletter subscriptions, environmental articels and various local news of interest.

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Tewkesbury Battlefield Society

The Society managed to prevent a housing development being built on the Gastons, the site of the battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. The Secretary of State for the Environment gave them their victory on the 11th March 1999.
We wish them well...

This result followed an extensive Public Enquiry into the planning application where (it was reported) the evidence centred on a number of key issues:

Web site: http://www.tewkesbury.org.uk/battlefields/
Learn more about the planning battle and about the original battle at their site and through their "useful links" page.

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Spitalfields Market Under Threat (SMUT - campaign)


The developer is proposing to build on half of the market site using materials which local people and campaigners, architects and market tenants, find an abhorrent proposition. The market tenants have already written to Peter Minoletti, Planning officer at the London Borugh of Tower Hamlets, to register their objections.

Don't underestimate the power of public pressure. The development is NOT a foregone conclusion. The Save Spitalfields campaign has succeeded in preventing development of the market for fourteen years. It can run another fourteen if necessary! We are committed as a campaign group to long-term sustainable preservation of the whole market building, the space it incorporates and the character of the surrounding conservation area.

For background information and access to an online petition, please refer to the campaign website: www.smut.org.uk

Jemima Broadbridge
Press Officer
on behalf of SMUT
020 - 7503 1965

Here is some background to the SMUT Campaign from a recent press release:


If detailed planning permission is granted to the Corporation of London and its developer, in October 2001, partial demolition of Spitalfields Market will begin immediately.

Let the Corporation of London hear your voice and join Spitalfields Market Under Threat (SMUT) outside the Bank of England on Thursday 6 September at 1pm, in a colourful demonstration to protest against the demolition and redevelopment of Spitalfields Market in London's East End.

The protest has been planned to coincide with a conference entitled, 'Connecting Finance with Communities' which aims to examine the role of the financial services sector and business in building strong neighbourhoods on the city fringe. Judith Mayhew, Chair of the Corporation of London is due to speak at the conference on the City's regeneration programme for the East End.

Members of SMUT are angry that the City Corporation is seeking to impose a singular, invasive and one-sided version of corporate-led regeneration onto the Spitalfields community, which already possesses a very strong neighbourhood and that their plans for regeneration involve demolition of the market.

Jil Cove, Chair of the Spitalfields Community Association, and veteran campaigner for SMUT, said: "It's outrageous that the City has the audacity to hold a conference and claims to be linking financial bodies to local community groups when the tickets are priced around £200-£400 per person. How many community members are they hoping to attract at that price? The conference claims to be stimulating debate about a helpful economic regeneration of the East End, but the list of speakers attending from leading financial institutions, completely excludes representatives from community groups. We have clearly not been invited."

One of the professed aims of the conference is to consider how the City can work to build sustainable community-based business initiatives on the city fringe. However, SMUT maintains that the City has deliberately chosen to contradict the aims of its own regeneration programme by alienating local communities from the consultation process and by ignoring the contribution made by Spitalfields Market to the local area.

The starting point of the City's regeneration programme is to expand into Tower Hamlets, knocking down two-thirds of the market in the process. As the market constitutes a valuable community asset, campaigners are outraged that the Corporation plans to destroy a site which has already regenerated itself and which works in terms of sustainable small businesses.

SMUT contests the City's right to privatise valuable public space, in the face of massive public opposition. The petition has been endorsed by over 25,000 signatures and the campaign is currently supported by a growing network of political groups, NGOs and protest groups including the Green Party, Globalise Resistance, The Land is Ours and Friends of the Earth.

Darren Johnson, GLA Green Party member, supports SMUT's campaign for sustainable redevelopment of the market. In a recent letter to the campaign, he wrote, "Spitalfields Market is a unique area of social, economic and cultural vitality that is all too rare now in central London, especially in Tower Hamlets, where corporate and financial interests already dominate the interests of the residential community. The market buildings themselves are of significant architectural interest and add greatly to the wealth of the local community. I am very keen that regeneration in London should not be promoted at the expense of local enterprise."

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Places for People

is the banner title for the

National Association for Urban Studies
c/o ETP 9 South Road,
Brighton, BN1 6SB

'Phone & Fax: 01273 - 542 660

PfP's objectives are:

  • to promote education and action for a sustainable urban environment in the frame work of Agenda 21
  • to support everyone's right to have a voice in the future of the places in which they live
  • to encourage practical co-operation in improving the urban environment

Published journal : Streetwise

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Urban Parks Forum

The objects of the Urban Parks Forum are:

This organisation forms vital links between practitioners and users of park environments - the Crystal Palace Campaign is a member

their web site:


contact address:

Urban Parks Forum
Caversham Court
Church Road
Berkshire RG4 7AD


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