Appendix C: Data not included in this report


We have used practically all the data given to us. This included codifying drawings provided by 6 and 7 year old children, for inclusion in the analysis of general comments.


Almost everyone kindly provided his or her names (and often addresses) as well as postcodes - for this we are grateful since it lends weight to the survey. We have kept the names and addresses separate from the survey data base from which the calculations were done - in fact they remain only on the original forms and on one copy made for working convenience. We may use the contact information to keep people informed of further Campaign business. There were almost no spoiled papers and no evidence of collusion or multiple voting! We are also grateful to the tremendous effort made by respondents to add comments to the questionnaires &endash; this caused us to investigate and quantify the information that was presented.


There were certain categories of data that we could not use.

  • A class of children from Dulwich College Kindergarten School (Ducks) gave us a list of reasons why they believed that parks were important. While this information is valuable, we did not believe that the data lent itself to quantitative analysis.
  • We received a petition submitted by certain traders in the Crystal Palace area, supporting the rebuilding of the Crystal Palace. It was not possible to include this petition in our survey results because the signatories expressed no views on the options in our questionnaire. While petitions may be of some value to decision-makers, we are not a decision-making body. Therefore, we are happy to report the existence of a petition, while regrettably not having been able to use the data it contains.
  • We received a number of specific ideas for redevelopment, for which we are grateful. We have codified these where we could, for inclusion in the analysis of qualitative responses. If and when the time comes for presentation of design options for regeneration of the Park, we shall bear these in mind.

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