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Bromley Council's Sports Centre plans - a shambles see press releases R.23 and R.26:(4/6/00)

R.26 - Bromley's £20m threat to Sport England - the Crystal Palace Campaign believes that Bromley have many questiuons to answer - e.g. "How could it have spent £1m of public funds when it did not have a definite commitment for the Sports Lottery money?"
R.23 Crystal Palace Plans a Shambles

Public meeting 5th February 2000 - see report on meetings report pages
Crytsal Palace Update (Nov 1999) - comment...
The Wembley Factor
National ANTI-UCI day
Mum to Challenge Palace Plans
Democracy Week
Skytower Collapses - 2 August 1999
Kingsdale School 29th May 1999 - brief report (also People & Places Int. Ltd.)
Pay to Park - Bromley's Traffic Exhibition Bromley invites us to have our say!(20/5/99) - Click here, to go to details below...

Crystal Palace Update - November 1999: issued by the Crystal Palace Partnership.

"Welcome to the Crystal Palace Update - the newspaper to keep you up to date with what the regeneration scheme is doing in your area" - so says their lead note.

There are a few points in this issue which require noting:

-webmaster (30/12/99)


There has been some concern reported in the press and on radio that the new design for Wembley stadium does not meet the criteria set for it. Specifically, it cannot cater properly and conveniently for both football and athletics. At stake is an important part of London's bid to host the 2005 World Athletics Championships and possible bids for the Olympic games.

As the only major athletics facility in London, Crystal Palace could possibly be expanded from its present 13,300 seat capacity to the 40,000 minimum required to bid for the Word Championships. This would certainly present some challenging problems particularly concerning the transport of so many more spectators to and from the stadium. In order to satisfy Olympic requirements the stadium may need as much as 80,000 seats again with the attendant transport problems and accommodation problems for the participating athletes.

Clearly if such a huge development of the sports centre were to take place it would have an impact on other planning within Crystal Palace Park. If a "no-parking" approach were taken (similar to the Millennium Dome), thus relying solely on public transport, it would be a bold and welcome step amongst local people.

(Picture - aerial view of the Crystal Palace sports stadium - Croydon Guardian 9/12/99 - click on picture for higher resolution, larger picture)

The latest news suggests that Wembley may yet be the preferred venue and that both athletics and football could be accommodated after all.

Further reports as the story develops.

20/12/99 - Monday

Notes from Parliament - Chris Smith (Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport) was questioned about the status of the Wembley proposals. Evidently there are still problems about the site-lines for football and athletics and concerns about the costs for reconfiguring the seating for the change-over. But both camps are working together to find the best solution for both. A report is due in the next few days when, evidently, good progress will be shown. Wembley is still the preferred location to aid the bid for the World Athletic Championships in 2005 and the Football World Cup in 2006. Twickenham was mentioned as being a possible athletics venue. No mention was made of Crystal Palace.

22/12/99 - Wednesday

The Government have finally rejected the athletics function of the proposed new Wembley Stadium which will now be a home to Football and Rugby League only. The Football Association will have to refund £20 million of the £120 million lottery funding originally granted towards the £470 million total (mostly provided by the FA) required for Sir Norman Foster's 90,000 seat stadium. The current Wembley stadium will be demolished next summer (2000) and the new venue is planned to be ready in time for the FA cup in 2003. The new stadium can now form a strong central plank in England's bid to host the 2006 Football World Cup.

This leaves the question of the 2005 World Athletics Championship bid in some difficulties. The 1997 competition was held in Athens, 1999 in Seville and the 2001 games will be held in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). The 2003 and 2005 venues are as yet undecided. Evidently bids are required in about a month. Twickenham and Crystal Palace have both been "mentioned in dispatches".

Clearly the saga has a long way to go yet.


National Anti-UCI Day: (see EVENTS) - UCI are the cinema operators who have still not abandoned their commitment to this damaging Crystal Palace Park development scheme, despite our earnest entreaties to it to do so we intend to step up our campaign against UCI.(1/12/99)

SEE - Mum to Challenge Palace Plans! - News Shopper - 21 July 1999

Full published article in The Beckenham and Penge - News Shopper .

Democracy Week

Bromley is considering if it should participate in Local Democracy Week! The theme they are contemplating is:

"The Listening Council".

Obviously no prior experience is required to join in this national event. It will be interesting to follow their progress in this learning process.
2 August 1999

Skytower collapses

Bromley has refused planning permission for the skytower that was to stand alongside the multiplex. Why? Because it would be sited on Metrolpolitan Open Land. be visually intrusive, adversely affect the skyline ridge, cause further traffic congestion, be detrimental to adjascent properties and be of an undistinguished design.

Followers of the Crystal Palace Campaign (and any other thinking person) may be forgiven for thinking that these just might be good enough reasons for rejecting the Multiplex itself!

1 August 1999

Meeting - Kingsdale School 29th May 1999 (brief note)

A public meeting was called by the "Crystal Palace Protest" and the "Friends of Crystal Palace Park". It was held at the school which was recently the scene of the huge Tessa Jowell meeting chaired by Philp Kolvin (Chairman of the Crystal Palace Campaign).

On the 29th, about 100-200 people were given an update by Storm Poorun , Martin Heath and Sue Nagel about the activities of the various groups calling the meeting. Included also was Ray Hall from "People and Places International Ltd.", who described an alternative scheme to Ritchie's building.

Ray Hall's proposal is essentially a copy of the Paxton building which stood in Hyde Park. The idea of this virtual replica is tempting, although it would mean a development of the same size as Ritchie's building. Thus, while the aesthetics and execution of the idea are much more sensitive and acceptable than Ritchie's efforts, the main objection to the development still stands, i.e., it is too large for the current location and too much traffic will be generated. The prevailing view is that the Park (grade II* listed) should remain a park.

Peter Hall, who was introduced as a "representative for Tessa Jowell", spoke of continuing efforts by Ms Jowell.

The meeting ended with a variety of resolutions being voted on by the audience.


[Ed. note: The CRYSTAL PALACE CAMPAIGN was not party to the organisation and calling of this meeting, although several members of the Campaign were present in the audience. The Crystal Palace Protest is not part of the Crystal Palace Campaign. Confused? The fact is that there are several groups interested in what happens to the Park. Although efforts have been made to "get together" this has not been possible largely because of the different views and approaches of the various protagonists. The audience at the meeting reported above expressed a view that there should be one campaign. Conceptually this would seem to be sensible. However, for example, with one group, The Crystal Palace Campaign (this website), pursuing a predominantly legal and political campaign and another, Crystal Palace Protest, preferring direct action, the gap is too wide for both to be part of one organisation.]


PAY to PARK - Local traffic scheme...

A year after John Prescott said that the proposed traffic measures concerning the Park development schemes, were perfectly acceptable, Bromley Council has decide to stage exhibitions of a scheme that will show you how the multiplex will make a misery of our lives.

"How do we protect the Triangle?" it "suffers badly from a number of transport problems" says Bromley, with an incisive flash of wisdom! There is an obvious, simple and effective solution which will go a long way to, at least, prevent the situation getting worse. Stop the top site development! This will remove the threat of extra traffic movements (up to 17500 on a Saturday) which will blight the area.

There is still time to let your local council know what you think. The traffic exhibition dates are:

Opening times:
Wednesday and Thursday: 1 - 8 p.m.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 1 - 5 p.m.
Croydon - as above but Saturday 10a.m. - 5p.m. and closed Sunday.

Fill in the questionairre.
Never mind the look, feel the substance!
Write your comments in the visitors book!

FULL TEXT OF THE DISPLAYS ON THIS WEB SITE - for your reference during the exhibition and to help with writing letters on the proposals.

Are Bromley really listening? Why is Lambeth totally free of the Pay to Park scheme?

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