(R.12) January-February 2000 - Campaign Newsletter - National Anti-UCI issue

Don't shoot, I live here!




At the public meeting on 25th September a letter from the developer, London and Regional Properties, was read out promising participation in a stakeholders' forum with the Campaign and the community. It would start with a "clean sheet of paper... without any commitment to particular uses or design". Too good to be true? YES! In spite of our efforts in setting up a community support team, the developer's response has been,,, nothing! Our response? Carry on campaigning. See you at our public meeting on 5th February and on National Anti-UCI day on 26th February.


See the ANTI-UCI form...


On 26th February the Campaign is taking the fight to the Nation with a NATIONAL ANTI-UCI DAY. We will be protesting outside every UCI cinema in the country. UCI have already removed their logo from the Empire Leicester Square because of the level of protest and have cancelled their involvement at four locations in the wake of plunging attendences at multiplexes. It is time to drive our message home - multiplexes don't belong in parks. Chairman Philip Kolvin's message is "Come out in force and travel as far as you can to make this a success. We know UCI are wobbling. We must not stop until they withdraw."


The developer apparently has no intention of proper consultation with the local community. Nevertheless, the Campaign is continuing work on bringing together a forum of local community groups, business groups and councillors to discuss issues relating to the Park. Watch this space!


An alternative plan put forward by Ray Hall fails to satisfy the core principles of the Campaign in several ways. It is not specific as to its full list of contents, opening hours, capacity, catchment area, the number of visitors or employees anticipated, their mode of travel or the number of car parking multiplex site? The 500 additional spaces provided. Therefore, its effect on the park and its surroundings cannot be judged. No environmental assessment or traffic impact assessment has been provided. Without such basic information, the Campaign cannot support this proposal, which is potentially as environmentally damaging as the multiplex scheme of London & Regional Properties. It is as large as the L&RP development and is placed further into the parkland. A recent story in the local press has confused us with the Crystal Palace Protest who do support this proposal. We will not compromise our principles for the first alternative to the multiplex which comes along.


The Campaign is applying to register the top site as a Village Green. If we succeed then the multiplex will be prevented forever. To support our application we need evidence of the use of the top site for any sort of recreation, including dog walking, at any time since 1946. Please fill in one of our questionnaires. Telephone: 0171 274 7566 for copies or use our website - Village Green Form.


The Culture Secretary Chris Smith suggested in Parliament that the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace might be the site of an athletics stadium capable of staging major international events. We have written to him asking that the community be consulted at an early stage if this remains his plan. We will approach any proposals according to our core principles.


Following the Campaign's High Court action against Bromley Council and L&RP, the final costs have now been settled. We successfully challenged Bromley's application for costs of £101,000 reducing these to around £40,000. These together with our own costs have been covered by the litigants, the Paxton 100s and other contributors from the community. Thanks to one and all.

DID YOU KNOW that, besides giving planning permission for the multiplex, Bromley Council has also approved a 500-space car park on the covered reservoir next to the multiplex site? The 500 additional vehicles are obviously meant to keep company the 950 vehicles on the roof.

Oh dear, Bromley! Your treatment of our park would be outrageous if it were not so depressingly familiar. And where is the continued consultation on the traffic schemes? Your refusal to talk to us despite our many pleas says it all: you have no interest in genuine democracy.

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