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REPORT on the London Development Agency (LDA) Public Consultation Exercise (September/October 2004) - by Nigel Westaway

See also the Campaign's survey Consultation Starts Here

Mark Tynan
28 October 2004

Architectural Association(AA)

Students from the AA have conducting an enquiry into the development of Crystal Palace Park. The winner of the October 2004 competition is shown on the left.

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English Heritage recently purchased Delamotte photographs of the Sydenham Crystal Palace, click on the photgraph for a link directly to their gallery,

OR... click here to get to their home page;
English Heritage

Previously unseen images of Crystal Palace up for sale
(P153) -
Pictures fetch fortune - News Shopper 1 September 2004

Nineveh Court

A Whiff of Archaeology in the Air - notes and a proposal for an Archaeological study of the site of the Crystal Palace - by Ray Sacks (Webmaster: the article contains a number of pictures which may be a bit slow to download for dial-up internet users; apologies for that, it is sometimes difficult to balance between download time and fuzzy pictures....)

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